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Life, Redefined...

Behind The Brand

The literal definition of life is the ‘existence of an individual human being’. Check it out in the Oxford Language Dictionary if you don't believe us. We won't judge, we didn't at first either. To us, there is more to life than just existing.

Mostly Harmless International is not just a brand, rather a culture for those that live, for those who refuse to just exist. Whether you’re partying in the French alps, deep sea diving off the coast of New Zealand, or getting barrelled in the Mentawai islands… whatever it is, wherever it is, we’re there.

We all live individual lives, all different to one another. Normal for one person may be bizarre to another. The point is, everyone’s normal is different and that’s the beauty of life. Just make sure to live it, whatever your normal may be.

Our mission is to encourage people across the globe, far and wide, to live life to the fullest and die with memories, not dreams. We don’t believe humans were built to sit behind a desk all day. It’s our job to make sure, through our clothing and culture, that people go and live extraordinary lives.

To that we say make it count. To that we say Life, Redefined…